Terms and Agreements



We are excited to bring your floral design vision to life, creating lasting memories for your special day. This process includes an initial design proposal and a final design meeting 6 weeks prior to event. Any additional meetings will be charged based on our add-on prices.



Client understands that The Traveling Florist Co. team will only handle items brought by The Traveling Florist Co. (For example, if we did not bring the linens, we are NOT responsible for putting them on the tables. If we did not bring the candles, we are NOT responsible for putting them on the tables). Additionally, The Traveling Florist Co. is not responsible for styling, rentals, day-of coordination or paper goods. We are happy to make vendor recommendations. 



Client agrees to pay a non-refundable, non- transferable 50% deposit at time of booking. Final balance is due 1 month prior to event date. Any last minute additions + add-ons must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to event date. A 10% service fee will be assessed for any additions added less than 1 month prior to event. Client agrees that service fees listed in the agreement will not decrease for any reason. A new proposal reflecting updated service fees will be given for any additions + add-ons. 



Client will be charged for all The Traveling Florist Co. team travel + accommodation costs. This amount will be included in total service fee. The client is responsible and will be billed for any additional travel + accommodation cost(s), not previously discussed, but mandatory in order to produce your event. 



We are not responsible for lighting candles. Please make sure your coordinator, planner, or someone you trust has been assigned to light candles before guests arrive. 



In the event of a date change, a new proposal will be drafted by The Traveling Florist Co. dependent upon date availability which cannot be guaranteed. Previous deposits will be forfeited by client and a new 50% deposit will be due. All deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable. 



In the unfortunate event that the event is canceled due to ANY circumstances including but not limited to : event called off, date change, Act of God (car wreck, severe weather, death in family, pandemic) within one month of event date, the client agrees to full responsibility of any remaining balance due to The Traveling Florist Co. and will pay in full before originally scheduled date of event. 



The Traveling Florist Co. reserves the right to use images from your event for promotion, display, advertising, internet and publication. Specific images will be discussed prior to display upon request. 



Client will give The Traveling Florist Co. access to professional photos from the event. Client will ask photographer to send The Traveling Florist Co. a link to download images OR client will send link directly to The Traveling Florist Co. 



Our process includes one initial design proposal via email, a required  in-person meeting to review the proposal and contract, and an optional final design meeting 6 weeks prior to event date if the client wishes to meet. Additional revisions occurring after booking will be billed at $100 hourly rate. All other communication is to be done via email or pre- scheduled phone calls. Additional meetings will be billed at $100 hourly rate. 



Any communication post booking should be completed via email. Any phone consultations must be scheduled in advance. Additional meetings will be billed at $100 an hour. Please allow 24-48 business hour response time on all communication and longer for weekend response time. We are committed to executing flawless events and spend Thursday - Saturdays creating for our upcoming events. Please allow additional response time during these days as we will provide the same level of service and commitment when your day comes! Client also agrees that The Traveling Florist Co. is to have direct contact with Client at any time necessary. Maintaining communication between both parties must be available at all times during the planning process. The Traveling Florist Co. has the right to cancel agreements at any time if we feel the Client obligations are not being met. 



We require all clients to have a day-of contact and to provide this individual’s contact information to The Traveling Florist Co. in advance of the event. Several weeks prior to the wedding, you will receive an email requesting the contact information for the day-of contact, along with a request for the first names of the bridal party and any other individuals to receive/wear flowers on the day of the event. This will allow us to label the florals for easy distribution on day-of event.